Summit Paranormal Investigators

Summit Paranormal Investigators would love to hear from you. We can investigate and research the paranormal activity that you have been experiencing.  We understand that there are real things that happen that cannot be seen with physical eyes.  We will listen to your story and not think you are crazy. Please let us know if you have true ghost stories or real ghost pictures. If there is a logical explanation for the activity that can be explained medically or scientifically, we will let you know that, too. We can teach you techniques on how to overcome evil and how to get victory and peace in your life. We can help you find solutions to the paranormal issues in your life.  If you are concerned that you have a haunted house, you see unexplained apparitions such as ghosts or demons, or that someone is demon possessed, or a curse may need to be broken, we are available to assist you. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or serious depression, it may be a result of demonic oppression. Some people experience paranormal phenomena in connection with Ouija Boards, spirit boards, tarot cards, black magic, palm readers, fortune tellers, mystics, psychics, mediums, or witches. If you have had a poltergeist experience, our paranormal investigators may be able to come assist you.  If you have had a connection with witchcraft or the occult, we can help you break their influence over you.  After visiting with you, we could determine if our services would be beneficial to you or your loved ones.  We do not charge a set fee, but when travel is involved, help with travel expenses would be appreciated.

Feel free to call us concerning any paranormal activity. Anything you share with our team will be kept confidential.  Pastor Terry Fox and our team can help you determine how serious your issues are, and if they are paranormal in nature.  Some of the type of services we offer are: paranormal research, limited counseling, house cleansings, house blessings, prayer, and deliverance (exorcism). We have experience binding and casting out demons. We can teach you how to be successful in spiritual warfare.  We may refer you to other sources as needed, or if necessary.  To contact the Summit Paranormal Investigators call Summit Church at (316) 676-3004. Message us in the Contact Us Section or on our Facebook Page.

Pastor Terry Fox has been in the ministry for forty years. He is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University, a prominent Southern Baptist University in Arkansas.  He spent three years of intense training under Dr. Bill Bennett, president of Mentoring Men Institute in North Carolina.  God has used Pastor Fox to build three large and dynamic churches. He has traveled extensively, sharing his ministry, including seminars on “Satanism in America.” He has served in key roles in many ministries including chairman of the Board of Trustees for the North American Mission Board for the Southern Baptist Convention. He currently serves as one of the top 50 pastors with the Family Research Council, led by Tony Perkins.   He is a sought-after teacher and speaker across America.  He has spent several years serving as a reserve Lieutenant for the Nueces County Sheriff Department working in the Missing Persons Division. His involvement in both the ministry and law enforcement has uniquely prepared him to be a demonologist and specialist in the field of paranormal study.  He brings credibility and integrity to the paranormal field.