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Hey, Summit Family, this past Sunday I covered the 7TH COMMANDMENT, “You shall not commit ADULTERY.” As I was having lunch with some of our church family members AFTERWARDS, I was asked the question, “Is PORNOGRAPHY wrong?” Of course, MY ANSWER was a resounding “YES!” Then he said, “Well, WHY didn’t you MENTION IT?” I replied, “Frankly, because I didn’t NEED any ADDITIONAL, EXTRA MATERIAL!” If you were here Sunday, you KNOW that’s TRUE 🙂 I’m sorry I was so “LONG-WINDED”. Many of you COME OUT the back door on Sunday mornings, after our worship service, where I am USUALLY standing GREETING ATTENDEES as they leave. OFTEN, some of you will say, “Bro. Joe, DON’T APOLOGIZE for going OVERTIME. If The Spirit PROMPTS YOU to preach longer DO IT!” And, I APPRECIATE those comments, and I ALWAYS want to be “OPEN” to The Holy Spirit’s PROMPTING. But, I “DO” try to stay on SCHEDULE, because I realize what a PROBLEM “going over” can present to our NURSERY and CHILDREN’S workers, and OTHER VOLUNTEERS who are sacrificing, to ALLOW US our time, TOGETHER, in the Worship Center. I hope ALL OF YOU I’m referring to (our volunteers) KNOW how much this preacher APPRECIATES YOU, and thanks God, EVERY WEEK, for your SERVICE! I’m ALSO very thankful for your “PATIENCE” with me! I NEVER hear complaints, but I’m confident, AT TIMES, I make your job MORE DIFFICULT. I’m truly sorry. Please forgive me. I constantly STAND AMAZED at the WONDERFUL and HARMONIOUS congregation we are BLESSED with here at Summit! You’re ALL very “SPECIAL”, and I love serving here!

Now, BACK to my brother’s QUESTION about PORNOGRAPHY: Today, in 2019, I’m more and more REMINDED of THE WORDS recorded in Genesis 6:5. It says there, “Then The Lord SAW that the WICKEDNESS of man was GREAT in the earth, and that EVERY INTENT of the THOUGHTS of his HEART was only EVIL CONTINUALLY!” Remember, during the sermon Sunday, when I REMINDED you what JESUS says about “LUST” and “THE HEART”? In the DAYS of Noah, people’s IMAGINATIONS were FILLED to the BRIM with LURID THOUGHTS and VILE FANTASIES! This led to a SENSUALIZED culture that descended to such DEPTHS of DEPRAVITY that God WASHED it all AWAY in a GLOBAL FLOOD! The human HEART hasn’t CHANGED since the TIMES of Noah, but our “TECHNOLOGY” has advanced. Now we can TRANSFER our FOULEST FANTASIES to a billion SCREENS, accessible with a TOUCH of a FINGER. Every day, NEW television programs, movies, and videos SEEK the “SHOCK VALUE” of breaking OLD TABOOS and showing MORE GRAPHIC sex, torture, or violence than the HUMAN MIND can absorb.

Yes, there’s still SOME WHOLESOME programming available, but it’s HARDER TO FIND now. The DANGER of running into the WRONG STUFF is frighteningly EASY, especially for HOMES with small children.

To AVOID this TRAP, we should CAREFULLY CHOOSE our entertainment selections. The Bible says, “Get RID of all MORAL FILTH and the EVIL that is SO PREVALENT, and HUMBLY ACCEPT The Word PLANTED in you, WHICH can SAVE YOU!” (James 1:21, NIV) Remember, friend, EVERY CHOICE WE MAKE, including how we are “ENTERTAINED”, must be SUBMITTED to His Lordship!

I’ll be looking for you THIS LORD’S DAY at 10:00 AM for another GREAT MORNING of worship, fellowship, prayer, and hearing from God! Don’t miss it. Love always, Bro. Joe


Here’s what’s going on at the Summit. 

Volunteers Needed!  Kids ministry is growing, and more volunteers are needed!  We need helpers in Nursery (rocking babies), helpers in Toddlers, helpers with Elementary kids, a lead teacher for Elementary kids, Sunday School teacher and two (2) helpers, and subs!!!  Please call Deb Henry or email her at or call 316-676-3004, Mon-Fri.

There’s a gift for everyone (kids, adults, even hunters).  Check out our Gift Shop.

Wednesday Nights at the Summit:  Light supper 5:30 PM, Bible Study 6:30 pm. Gary Crouse teaching “God’s Mighty Men of Valor”. Starting Oct 16th, David McMullin, “Treasures of the Tabernacle”.

Ladies Bible Study:  Every Thursday at 9:30 AM, studying 1 Peter, “A Living Hope in Christ”.


October 12th, 8:30 am.  David McMullin will interview Pastor John Henry.

Game Night:  Sep 20th, 6:30 pm, Fellowship Hall.

All Church Picnic:  Sep 29th, after church service to 2:30 pm.  Church will provide hamburgers, hot-dogs, buns, condiments, beverages, setups/paper products.  If your last name begins, as per below, please bring the following:     

*  A-M  Desserts or Fruit                                                   

 N-Z  Sides (coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, sliced tomatoes, etc).  

Please also pre-cut items and bring a serving utensil if needed.  There is not enough refrigerator space or an oven, so please be sure you’re able to keep your food item hot or cold.  

Medicare Educational Meeting: Oct 3rd, 7:00 PM, Fellowship Hall, Presented by Chuck Klusener.

Baptism Sunday:  November 3rd.  Call church office to sign up, 316-676-3004.

Don’t miss this great opportunity for Bible Study at 9:00 AM on Sunday morning:

Classes for Nursery, Kids, and Students

Classes for Adults:

– Keith Martin: “Book of John”

– Gary Crouse: NEW, “When God Speaks”

– Joan Hearne:  NEW, “Promises of Proverbs”

– David McMullin:  “Book of Ruth”


– Through Sep 29th:  Pastor Joe; “The Ten Commandments”

– October: Pastor John series; “Heaven; Setting Our Hearts on Things Above”

Oct 6th:   “Can You Only Imagine”

Oct 13th:  “Who Will Be in Heaven”

Oct 20th:  “What Will We Do in Heaven”

Oct 27th:  “What We Do in Life Echoes in Eternity”

APPLYING THE BIBLE 2019:  SEPT 17, 15:17-16:4; 18, 16:5-33; 19, 17:1-26; 20, Mark 14:26-52; 21, John 18:1-24; 22, Matt 26:57-75; 23, 27:1-10; 24, Luke 23:1-12; 25, Mark 15:6-24; 26, Luke 23:32-49; 27; Matt 27:57-66; 28, John 20:1-18; 29, Matt 21:1-17; 30, Luke 24:13-43; Oct 1, John 20:24 thru 21:14; 2, 21:15-25; 3, Matt 28:16-20; 4, Luke 24:44-53; 5, Acts 1:1-11

Operation Christmas Child:  PLASTIC BOXES now available!  SEPTEMBER: We are collecting games:  cards, puzzles, jacks, etc.  Please be sure they fit in the shoe box and include the filled-out brochure and $9 for shipping.  For more info:

R E W A R D S:  Want to donate your Dillon’s rewards to Summit Church? For more info go to:, search Summit Church (QV127).  For help call 620-669-3252 or email

Holy Land Trip with Pastor Joe Wright, Feb 23- Mar 8, 2020.  Call church office for details: 316-676-3004.

 See You Sunday for another great Lord’s Day @ Summit