Senior Adult Ministry


Purpose: To promote Christ and exalt Him in the Wichita area to Senior Adults.

Methods: Anything and everything honorable that can get the attention of folks who need to hear our message that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Programs: Bible studies, games, fellowship programs, entertainment, trips of a day, and two or three night duration. There is also going to be a great choir started for those who want to express their praise to the lord in a little more intense musical way.

Where: Most of our activities will probably be on campus at Summit Church, 10225 East Kellogg (right behind CARMAX). However, there will be times when we will move to other locations.

Special Events:

There are many exciting events planned for the Senior Adults this Spring and Summer.

We are excited about this expansion of the ministries at Summit and we invite all of our Seniors in Wichita to come to the Summit and check us out. You don’t want to miss the blessing!