How to Experience God’s Forgiveness

But what happens when a Christian sins? How does sin affect your relationship with God?

In 1 John 1:32:2, we are told how to experience God’s forgiveness in order that we may enjoy the freshness, fullness, and fruitfulness that God has intended and provided to everyone who belongs.

Your fellowship with God is maintained through Jesus Christ in confession of sin. Fellowship with God assures the strength and resource of the inner life to face and endure any outer circumstances.

When and how do I confess?

  1. Confession should be done immediately
  2. Confession should be focused on specific things
  3. Confession should be made confidently

What happens when I confess?

  1. You affirm God’s acceptance of Jesus
  2. You accept God’s acceptance of yourself
  3. You agree with God’s acceptance of others

Free grace and forgiveness is never to be equated with cheap salvation. Our salvation is costly to God. What marvelous love and grace!