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Hey, Summit Family,

Needing to “add chairs” is the kind of problem every church would like to have, especially, right in the middle of summer, when temperatures are soaring, school is out, and many are taking vacations. We are SO BLESSED!! One of the most frequent comments I receive from our many visitors is “What a warm, welcoming, and friendly congregation you have at Summit! You can feel the love, and excitement, when you walk in the door!” Most of us take that FOR GRANTED, and seldom realize how “RARE”, but how “ESSENTIAL”, that is, if we want to grow! Many of us, perhaps, just assume THAT ATMOSPHERE is common in all churches. It’s NOT TRUE! Just this past Wednesday I met with two pastors who had requested a meeting, to seek my counsel about the devastating problems they are having in their church! As I listened to the “horror stories” it reminded me of HOW IT TRULY IS in many “war torn” congregations around this nation. The church is a MESS in many places; riddled with disharmony, bitterness, and just plain nastiness! It’s no wonder the lost aren’t being won to Christ and brought into, “His Body”, the local church! WHY would anyone be drawn to, and want to join, that kind of institution or organization? As I listened to them talk about the ridiculous and childish things going on, among the people attending that church, I thought “I’m sure they’ve become the laughingstock of the community!” What a terrible witness for Christ! What a blight on The Lord’s name, which they wear! It’s, TRULY, a shame! I wept with them; prayed with them; they are so hurt over what has taken place! And, a once thriving church has lost over half her members! There’s no problem, now, finding a parking place on Sunday. It’s been devastating! This past Sunday we continued the present sermon series called “Seven Fatal Flaws” zeroing in on “ANGER”. Some are calling this time in which we’re living “The Age Of Rage!” This coming Lord’s Day we will confront the ugly sin of “ENVY”. Obviously, the people causing problems in the local church I’ve been writing about need to hear what God’s Word says about those two subjects. Proverbs, chapter six lists the things God hates. Among them are “a false witness who pours out lies, and a person who stirs up conflict in His church!” MANY who wear the name “Christian” will stand in judgment to be condemned for the trouble they’ve caused in The Body Of Christ; His Church! What kind of church member/Christ follower are you? Are people drawn to Jesus because of what they see produced in your life; your spirit? Or, are they “turned off” because of your demeanor; your attitude; your countenance; your behavior? Woe is me, if I possess a bad witness! It’s a BIG responsibility we bear as His disciples. Are you helping Summit Church grow? Are you an ASSET or a LIABILITY? These are very thought provoking questions, and ones we need to ask ourselves, regularly. The Apostle Paul, in 2 Corinthians 13:5, writes “Examine yourself; test yourself; to see whether or not you are in the faith!” I hope we’ll ALL sincerely do it! “YOU” & “I”, both, have a lot to do with whether or not Summit continues to grow! I want to ALWAYS be a BLESSING, not a hindrance! Let’s pray for each other. I’ll be looking for you Sunday, as we have another great experience, together! Love always, Bro. Joe



8:30-9:00 am –Fellowship time in the Welcome Center

9:00 am –Bible Study classes for all ages

10:00 am—Worship Service


Make plans to join us for an All Church Picnic, September 16th, Noon-2:30 PM.  Please call the church if you have any large tents, to help beat the heat, and if you have the game, “Corn Hole.”  Details to follow later.


The Men’s Breakfast is held the second Saturday of each month. All men are invited to attend.


The Summit Kids Worship Volunteer Training Meeting will be Saturday, July 28th, at 10 am in the Children’s Department.  Come join us for Summit Kids Worship Training! We will get you signed up to be a part of Summit Kids Ministry and give you an overview of the program. We will review policies and procedures as well as preview the exciting curriculum Orange 252!  There will be snacks and fun giveaways! You will love being a part of this ministry!


The Summit Gift Store is having a big sale.  The “Summit Wear” is now on sale, as well as a select group of books.  If you have been intending to drop by and browse through the store, now is a great time! For those of you who are new to Summit, the Gift Store is located across the hall from the Worship Center.  Also, if you might be interested in helping in the Gift Store, contact Claudia Germes at 316-253-6030 and she can give you more information.


In JULY we are collecting CLOTHING ITEMS for boys and girls ages 2-4, 5-9 and 10-14 (socks, underwear, shorts, shirts, dresses, shoes, flip flops, hat, scarves, mittens, etc.), for Operation Christmas Child.  There are decorated boxes in the front lobby of the church and in the welcome center to place your donations.  Thank you so much.