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Hey, Church Family, I finished my sermon series God Is More … this past Sunday, stressing how loving our Heavenly Father is to all of us! I used as my text my favorite parable told by Jesus; “The Prodigal Son” recorded in the 15th chapter of Luke. This “earthly story with a heavenly meaning” is all about forgiveness.

Frankly, Matthew 6:14, is a verse of scripture we should all memorize. Do you know what it says? It is a quote from Jesus. “For if you forgive men their trespasses (sins), your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” This verse is a reminder of the importance of forgiving others, but if we only focus on what God will withhold from us, if we do not forgive, we neglect the role our spirit plays in forgiveness. Humility, compassion, and wisdom are necessary in the giving and receiving of forgiveness. The truth that each and every person has sinned and fallen short reminds us that everyone has a substantial debt they cannot pay.

When our spirit is consumed with grudge holding, toxic emotions cripple us. Indignant judgment, poisonous anger, frustration, and bitterness aim to take up permanent residence within. The crushing result is a diminished ability to receive forgiveness. We descend into a tailspin of negative thoughts and emotions. With all our energy focused on the perpetrator, we forget our own debts.

God’s generosity is an invitation to be forgiven and set free. When we forgive others, we experience that freedom once again. Instead of carrying the weight of an unforgiving spirit, you can know the light, love, and freedom that comes from passing on the forgiveness you have obtained. Never forget, you will be forgiven as you forgive. That’s what Jesus said.

I’m very excited about us gathering this coming Sunday for the third time since we closed on March 15th. I’ve witnessed our church family behave very responsibly these last two weeks by “distancing”, and abiding by the requests we’ve made to safeguard those attending. Thank you! Many continue to stay home and join us online, and that’s fine. We don’t want anyone attending who shouldn’t.

Pastor John will begin a fantastic series of sermons this weekend entitled “Stressed Out”! What subject could be more relevant, today? I’m excited and very thankful to serve with this great preacher! Yes, I’m prejudiced, but truthful! Don’t miss these messages. You will be blessed! Love always, Bro. Joe

Reminders for attending Sunday worship:

  • We want to strongly advise those of you who have “symptoms” (fever over 100, cough or sore throat, shortness of breath, or have come into contact with anyone confirmed to have Covid 19 in the past 14 days) or are considered “at risk”, please stay home and live-stream;
  • Those who want to wear masks please do so;
  • As you enter the sanctuary you may pick up disposable communion elements and drop off your offering in the buckets;
  • No gathering for refreshments in the Fellowship Hall;
  • No community greeting time during the service;
  • If you want to tithe online, the kiosk and ipad will be available;
  • No persons coming to pray with those coming forward at the invitation time;
  • Our pastors will not be at the exits when you’re leaving;
  • Please dispose of communion elements in trash containers as you leave the sanctuary.

Here are the following ways you can join us online:  Our church website: Our Services start at 10am. On Facebook: On YouTube: If you have any questions about live-streaming please email

“ALL” POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (other than online Bible Study classes): Sunday Schedules/Activities, Wednesday Nights at the Summit, Ladies Bible Study, Men2Men, DivorceCare, Game Night, 2nd Sunday (food donations).

OFFERING AND TITHE: Can be given: (1) through our website,, (2) mailed to Summit Church, 10225 E. Kellogg Ave., Wichita, KS  67207, (3) dropped off in our “locked” mailbox slot, (4) dropped off at the church during “temporarily changed” office hours (Tu-Th 9-4pm), or (5) credit and debit cards can be called in to the finance office or call Phyllis Crouse direct at 316-734-8438. Our bank deposits are made once a week.

ONLINE BIBLE STUDY CLASSES. If you would like to participate, please contact the following leaders or refer to the links:
– Sunday Mornings 8:45-9:30: Joan Hearne, “Think on These Things”. Call her at 316-644-8103 or
– Tuesday Night, 6:00-7:30 pm: Joan Hearne, “Blueprints For Success”
– Wednesday Night, 6:30-7:30 pm: Gary Crouse, “When God Speaks … I Am The Creator of All Things” Call him at 316-519-9042,
– Thursday afternoon, 2:00 – 3:30 pm: Joan Hearne, “Blueprints For Success”
Keith Martin: He posts a new lesson from the study of John each week on his website and Facebook. The website and Facebook page are titled “The Master’s Class, Summit Church.” The link to the Master’s Class website is:  The link to the Facebook page is:

Communion:  We encourage you to participate in communion at home.  If you don’t have the normal elements we use at church, any liquid (to represent His blood) and any piece of bread or cracker (to represent His body) will suffice.


Pastor John, “Stressed Out”, starting May 31st.

Pastor Joe and Pastor John; “Joy Ride”

Pastor Joe, “Lessons from the Holy Land”

** Registrations begins now for KIDS CAMP 2020!  Kids Camp will be the weekend of July 24th – 26th at Wheat State Retreat Center in Augusta … and is for kids who have completed 1st – 5th Grade!  Registration Forms will be available at the front lobby this Sunday!  The cost is only $25 per camper if you register by June 28th!  Debbie Henry will be available at the front desk if you have any questions regarding Kids Camp.  Please grab some registrations forms and get them to your kids, grandkids, and neighbors! It’s going to be a blast!

Summit Kids Ministry:  There are lots of ways to be of help in our Kids Department! To inquire, please email Debbie Henry: or call the church office!

“Like and follow” our Summit Kids on Facebook at Summit Kids ICT. Check out all the fun activities and outreaches we are involved in – you’ll be informed and blessed.

Radio Outreach: “Summit’s Service” each Sunday, 10am on KNSS 1330 AM & 98.7 FM.

R E W A R D S: Thank you for your donations through the Dillon’s rewards program. For more info go to:, search Summit Church (QV127). For help call 620-669-3252 or email

Have a great Lord’s Day!

Summit Church, 10225 E. Kellogg Ave., Wichita, KS  67207