Summit News!


Hey, Summit Family,
W hat a TERRIFIC day we had this past Sunday! Beautiful weather OUTSIDE, and it was even more beautiful INSIDE! The attendance was REALLY UP and the excitement of all of us being together, worshipping our Heavenly Father and exalting Christ, was GLORIOUS! Isn’t it exciting to know that EVERY DAY can be a NEW DAY, with JESUS! When I was growing up we used to sing a song entitled “Every Day With Jesus Is Sweeter Than The Day Before”! I left worship Sunday with those words ringing it my ears!
And, how about Pastor John’s message this past Sunday, too! DEFINITELY, A HOME RUN!! This series which asks the question “UNDER ATTACK?” is one you don’t want to miss! As we heard Sunday, spiritual warfare is REAL and we all must stay alert and ready, ARMORED UP, to do battle! Be here this weekend as we learn more about this war in which we’re ALL engaged. You NEED help, don’t you? I know I do, and I know the victory over the enemy is mine for the taking! Be in your place at the table this coming Lord’s Day to be FED from God’s Word!
A week from this coming Sunday is March 31st. I will be filling the pulpit that day and I will be preaching, specifically, about what I call “WW III – THE WAR ON THE FAMILY!” I want to ask you to help us advertise that message, and invite your family members, neighbors, and co-workers to come and visit us that Sunday! Let’s have a GREAT ATTENDANCE that day with MANY VISITORS!! I know we ask you to invite and bring people every week, but on that Sunday you can interest them with THE SUBJECT MATTER perhaps more than at any other time. I think you would agree, EVERYONE’S FAMILY is under attack! I’m praying that topic will bring some who are experiencing REAL DIFFICULTIES at home, and who are looking for advice and counsel! We have the “answers” so let’s share them with all those we care about! Thanks, in advance, for your extra efforts to “fill the seats” in our worship center! It’s, as always, a JOY, to be one of your pastors! Have a blessed week and never forget “I love you”, Bro. Joe
Here’s what’s going on at the Summit.  
MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  Branson Trip, May 2nd – 4th.  See Gary or Phyllis Crouse for details and to sign up.
Women’s Bible Study: Thursdays at 9:30AM, Welcome Center.

SENIOR FUN NIGHT:  Rescheduled for Friday, Mar 22nd, 6:30 PM.

MAR 31: Movie, Faith Under Fire, 6pm, Sanctuary

Wednesday Nights @ Summit:
5:30-6:15pm – Light Supper
6:30-7:30pm – Classes for adults, children, and youth
– David McMullin:  Applying the Bible to Our Culture
– Joan Hearne teaching:  Blueprints for Success
Don’t miss a great opportunity of Sunday School classes starting at 9:00 AM:
– Keith Martin: Studying the Book of John
– Gary Crouse: American Heritage Series videos
– Joan Hearne: Engagement: Moving Into the Spirit
THRU APR 14th:  Pastor John, “Under Attack”:  Put On The Armor
Easter Sunday, Apr 21st: Pastor Joe, “It’s Friday But Sunday’s Coming”
Operation Christmas Child. MARCH we are collecting Quality Crafts.  Info on tables and at

APPLYING THE BIBLE IN 2019: Continuing in the Book of Samuel:  MAR. 17, 13-15; 18, 16-18; 19, 19-21; 20, 22-24; 21, 25-27; 22, 28-31; 23, 2 Sam. 1-4; 24, 5-7; 25, 8-10; 26, 11-12; 27, 13-15; 28, 16-18; 29, 19-22; 30, 23-24, 1 KG. 1-2

See You Sunday for another great Lord’s Day @ Summit