Summit News!

VBS begins this coming Monday @ 6pm! See Details below!!!!


Hey, Summit Family,

    The Apostle Paul, under the  INSPIRATION of The Holy Spirit, records in ROMANS 12:2 these words: “Do  NOT be CONFORMED to THIS WORLD, but be TRANSFORMED by the  RENEWING of your MIND, that you may PROVE what IS that GOOD, and ACCEPTABLE, and PERFECT will of God.” We’ve  ALL used the  PHRASE “cookie cutter” to  DESCRIBE THINGS other than COOKIES: cookie-cutter HOUSES, cookie-cutter APARTMENTS, cookie cutter CUSTOMER SERVICE SOLUTIONS, and cookie-cutter HAIRCUTS on new military recruits. In other words, the  DESIGN is “SET” and “APPLIED” in EVERY INSTANCE, so the  RESULTS are ACCORDING to the  DESIGN — like when star-shaped cookies ALL LOOK THE SAME. The English Bible translator J. B. Phillips used the “cookie-cutter” idea in    his PARAPHRASE of ROMANS 12:2: “Don’t let the  WORLD AROUND YOU squeeze you  INTO its OWN MOLD, but let God  RE-MOLD your  MIND from WITHIN, so that you may PROVE IN PRACTICE that the  PLAN OF GOD for YOU is GOOD, meets ALL His DEMANDS, and MOVES TOWARDS the GOAL of TRUE MATURITY.” The WORLD (empowered by the devil) wants to CONFORM EVERY PERSON into a GODLESS IMAGE! Instead, we are to  RENEW our mind with GOD’S WORD, daily, so we can RESIST the pressures of SIN, the  WORLD, and the DEVIL! The TRUTH of The Bible is our PROTECTION! It DEFENDS US against being MADE INTO a “cookie-cutter image” of THE WORLD.  As we began 2019, over six months ago, I CHALLENGED each person at Summit to “APPLY” The Word Of God to their lives!  HOW are you DOING? I told you I didn’t mean just “READ IT”, or even “LISTEN” to it, BUT “APPLY” it!! If you ARE, you are  EXPERIENCING LIFE CHANGE! This Sunday I BEGIN a “series of messages” on the 10 COMMANDMENTS, found in the Book Of Exodus. I hope I’ll see you at 10:00AM. I’ll be SHARING BIBLICAL WISDOM that will SET YOU FREE from BEHAVIOR that will STEAL GOD’S PROMISED BLESSINGS from you! His COMMANDS are NOT GIVEN to be “RESTRICTIVE”, but to “BLESS YOU!!” God LOVES you, and WANTS what’s BEST for ALL of His CREATION! Pastor John just finished one of the MOST POWERFUL SERIES of sermons, I’ve ever heard, CENTERED AROUND the MAGNIFICENCE of our HEAVENLY FATHER! If you MISSED THEM, or even  ONE, they are  ALL available on  CD at the rear of the WORSHIP CENTER each Sunday morning. Please continue to  INVITE INVITE, and better still, BRING visitors to our services! As always, thanks for your FAITHFUL and ENCOURAGING support!  Love always, Bro. Joe


Here’s what’s going on at the Summit:

GOOD JOB SUMMIT CHURCH!  For the Kansans for Life, our church filled 100 baby bottles and raised $1,416.00 — way to go!!!

Be sure to Pre-Register to ensure your child receives a T-Shirt – They are first come/first served.

Don’t forget to REGISTER for Summit Kids VBS July 22-26 at 6:00-8:30PM.  For info call the church office or e-mail Deb Henry at  Donations are still needed for craft supplies and homemade snacks. Sign-up sheets will be located in The Welcome Center.  Also visit our Summit Kids Facebook page, Summit Kids ICT,  for all the exciting details and other upcoming events!!                         Click here for a video. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED July 27th, 9:00AM to help tear down decorations for VBS.  Donuts and coffee will be served!

21st Wichita City-Wide Prayer:  Thursday, August 15, 2019, 7:00PM, WSU Koch Arena; United Prayer for Gospel Transformation,

Game Night:  August 16th, 6:30pm, Welcome Center.

Men2Men Ministry:   

August 10, 8:30 am. Special Speaker Ricardo Pinedo will give his testimony

September 14, 8:30 am. Special Speaker Scott Anderson – Patriots of Praise

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS:  Aug 7th:  Back to school B A S H

Holy Land Trip with Pastor Joe Wright, Feb 23- Mar 8, 2020.  Call church office for details: 316-676-3004

Ladies Bible Study:  Will resume Sep 5th, 9:30 AM.  Studying 1 Peter, “A Living Hope in Christ”.

Wednesday Nights @ Summit:  Will resume Aug 14th.

Don’t miss a great opportunity of Sunday School classes starting at 9:00 AM:

– Nursery, Children’s, and Student Ministries

– Keith Martin: Studying the Book of John

– Gary Crouse: A Study of the Minor Prophets

– Joan Hearne: Obtaining Great Faith

– David McMullin: Study of Communion.  Starting Aug 4th, Study of the Book of Ruth.


July 21-Sept 22: Pastor Joe; The Ten Commandments

October:  Pastor John; Heaven – Setting Our Hearts on Things Above

Operation Christmas Child:  For JULY, we are collecting Clothing Items (socks, shoes, sandals, flip flops, shirts, pants, dresses, shorts, blouses, underwear, hat, scarves, mittens; gender, 2-4, 5-9 and 10-14).

APPLYING THE BIBLE 2019:  July 16, Mark 6:14-29; 17, Matt 14:13-36; 18, John 6:22-40; 19, 6:41-71; 20, Mark 7: 1-37; 21, Matt 15:32-16:12; 22, Mark 8:22-9:1; 23, Luke 9:28-45; 24, Matt 17:24-18:6; 25, Mark 9:38-50; 26, Matt 18:10-22; 27, John 7:1-31; July 21, Matt 15:32-16:12: 22, Mark 8: 22 -9:1; 23, Luke 9:28-45; 24, Matt 17: 24-18:6; 25, Mark 9:38-50; 26, Matt 18:10-22; 27, John 7:1-31; 28, 7:32-53; 29, 8:1-20; 30, 8:21-59; 31, Luke 10:1-24; Aug 1, 10:25-42; 2, 11:1-13; 3, 11:14-3

 See you Sunday for another great Lord’s Day @ Summit