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Hey, Summit Family, a popular contemporary Christian praise and worship song that we often sing on Sunday mornings at Summit says, “If you’ve got chains, He’s a chain breaker!” I realize the song writer is referring to a different kind of chain, but I have felt like I was chained to a piece of medical equipment the last few weeks called a “wound vac”. YESTERDAY, Hallelujah, it came off! I have been praying I would be freed from it before I returned to the pulpit a week from Sunday, September 30th, but I was starting to have my doubts it was going to happen. I want to thank all of you who have agreed to join me in that prayer. It has been answered affirmatively! Praise The Lord!
Most of you know I was hospitalized July 31st, underwent quintuple heart bypass surgery, and spent the next 28 days in two different hospitals; one hospital two different times. I’ve been home almost three weeks recuperating and being visited regularly by therapists and home healthcare nurses. I have been served with my health needs by many gifted people and lifted up in prayer by many wonderful prayer warriors! Many of you have actively helped in numerous different ways in my recovery, and I can never thank you enough! I praise God for all of you, daily!
While I’ve been “healing” I’ve had the opportunity to “take a step back” and “put my daily activities on hold”, to “focus”, to “watch every Sunday morning worship service” on live-streaming, and spend much time “planning”, and more time than ever “praying”, and “seeking God”, about MY future, and SUMMIT’S future. At 75 years of age; recently taking the responsibility of accepting the position of Senior Pastor of Summit Church; and having never served a church as the lead Pastor which didn’t grow; I don’t have to tell you WHAT kinds of things I’ve been pondering.
Maybe it’s time I share something with all of you I’ve thus far ONLY shared with “Summit’s E. C. Lay Leadership Committee”. When they asked me if I’d become Summit’s new Senior Pastor, after much prayer and discussion I told them “yes”. BUT, there was a “condition”. I told them I’d accept the honor but would only STAY if the church GREW under my leadership. You see, I believe it’s God’s will that every congregation of His Son’s Church grow, NUMERICALLY, as well as spiritually. A church isn’t “healthy” or “pleasing to God” if it ISN’T INCREASING IN SIZE, by winning men, women, and children to Christ.
Sadly, that ISN’T HAPPENING in most locations where groups of people gather on Sunday morning and call themselves Christians. Simply put, the main reason this happens (there’s no growth ) is because people possess the mindset that church is “FOR THEM”, rather than “FOR GOD”, and “HIS PURPOSE” of adding individuals to His family! You’ve heard me say it before: “The church is supposed to be a hospital for sinners, not a country club for saints!” WHY DON’T WE GROW? WHY DON’T WE SEE MANY BEING SAVED AND TRANSFORMED? My dear brothers and sisters, THOSE ARE QUESTIONS we all need to ask ourselves, and when coming up with the answers, do our best, individually, to RESOLVE! Only then will God be pleased with us.
Next week I’ll disclose what God has shown me these past seven weeks about Summit, AND about you, and me. I can tell you in advance it’s painful. It REQUIRES “CHANGE”! Let me quickly say, YOU are a GREAT PEOPLE!! I love partnering with all of you in ministry; I’ve grown to love ALL OF YOU; some very personally, as we’ve developed deep relationships; often through spending time together while walking, hand in hand, through some dark and challenging valleys!
Don’t fail to read “A Word From Bro. Joe” in next week’s church wide email. It will be the LAST ONE before I come back to speak to you, personally, from the pulpit, on September 30th. Be in your place this coming Sunday for great worship, prayer, fellowship, and a “special” word from The Holy Scriptures! A very active member, men’s ministry leader, and teacher, within our church family, Pastor David McMullin will be filling the pulpit this weekend, giving Pastor John a break. Pray for him! You’ll be blessed!!
Love always, Bro. Joe



8:30-9:00 am –Fellowship time in the Welcome Center

9:00 am –Bible Study classes for all ages

10:00 am—Worship Service


The Men’s Breakfast is held the second Saturday of each month. All men are invited to attend.


In AUGUST we will be collecting school supplies for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. (pencils, sharpeners, erasers, pens, crayons, notebooks, rulers, etc.)  There are decorated boxes in the front lobby of the church and in the welcome center, to place your donations.

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