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  Hey, Summit Family, Our Heavenly Father must have “EXTRA SPECIAL PLANS” for our church! I say that because I believe Satan senses all the victories God is getting ready to shower upon us, so the devil is, naturally, working even harder than usual; trying his best; to HINDER US! Here’s some proof of my opinion. You can imagine my SHOCK this past Monday morning when I was notified that Pastor John Henry had been admitted to Kansas Medical Center and had been diagnosed as having a heart attack!! Having just gone through heart surgery myself, I, at first, thought someone was trying to mess with my mind; joke with me; but all too soon I confirmed it was true! Sunday night Pastor John started experiencing terrific back pain, which eventually radiated down his arm, so he knew something serious was happening! I’m so thankful “The Great Physician” spared his life and allowed him the time needed to get to the hospital ER, where he could get the help he needed, to avoid more serious problems. He/We are so blessed! Praise The Lord! No surgery was needed; proper treatment was administered; and he was released to his home last night. It’s my understanding the doctor has ordered a week of bed rest, a change in diet (we can be good “accountability partners” in that area), and then cardiac rehab. Please cover John and Debbie with your prayers. We love them so much!
This coming Sunday my part of the service (sermon time) is going to be very different than what I would normally do. Some of you are old enough to remember (or have heard or read about) President Roosevelt’s; FDR’s; “fireside chats” he would have with the AMERICAN people during “The Great Depression”, “The New Deal”, and “World War II”. There were 30 of these “Chats” produced between 1933 and 1944. It was intended to be a time when the citizens of the U.S.A. would gather around the fireplace (a common gathering place in most homes during that era) and sit around their radio imagining the president was right there, in person, talking with them, “face to face”! It was an experiment which proved VERY EFFECTIVE; successful enough to have FDR be elected to 3 consecutive terms as president! He would sit behind his desk in the Oval Office of the White House and, purposely, speak into the radio broadcasting microphone in terms; using words and phrases; he felt everyone from a farmer, factory worker, housewife, banker, or company executive could understand. During those years he served as The Commander In Chief, history records millions of letters were sent to him expressing individual’s appreciation for those “fireside chats”! He communicated simply, and clearly, the situation the country faced, and how he, and those around him, planned to move them forward to victory! No matter what level of formal education you possessed you understood what he was trying to express!
That’s what I pray can be accomplished this coming Sunday. Please pray for me; that God will give me the words, vision, temperament, and the courage to speak the words He wants us to hear. I, sincerely, believe we at Summit, as a congregation of The Lord’s Church, are at a crossroads! Will we be successful for Him, and To His Glory? Will He use us as His instrument to bring about MUCH FRUIT FOR THE KINGDOM? I think it all depends on our attitude and future actions! We have to settle the questions, “Is it HIS church, or OURS?”- “Is what I WANT, most important, or what HE WANTS?” I pray we can, honestly, deal with those questions this Sunday. I believe our future depends on our answers! Please join us! I’ll be looking for you, and never forget how much I love you! Bro. Joe

P.S. “SPECIAL NEED” – As those of you who attend, regularly, know, we have recently CHANGED the way we do communion. I really like the change, but it requires more “servers”. We have also lost some of our faithful “Preparers & Helpers”. We need “HELP”! Would YOU be willing to help every Sunday, or get involved in a “rotating” schedule? If you would, please see, or call, Gary Blosser at 316-617-7481, or contact Judy Reddoch or me, through the church office. You are needed! Thank you!


8:30-9:00 am –Fellowship time in the Welcome Center

9:00 am –Bible Study classes for all ages

10:00 am—Worship Service


The Men’s Breakfast is the 2nd Saturday of each month in Summit’s Welcome Center. All men are invited to attend.


The Senior Adult Game Night will be on Friday, October 19 @ 6:30 pm in Summit’s Welcome Center.  All ages are invited to attend.  Bring a snack to share.


Like last year, Summit Church believes that Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is a great mission project to support because it is all about sharing the gospel with children and their families.  It’s time to pick up a Christmas box, or bring in your filled to the brim boxes, and leave them by the OCC tables.  Don’t forget to pick up the brochure, “How to Pack Your Shoebox Gift”.  If you do not have a label, attach a note stating what gender and age your box is for or put that note inside the box, along with $9 to cover shipping.  If you prefer to donate dollars, the cost for one “box” is approximately $35 ($10 to cover the cost of the box and shipping and approximately $25 to fill a child’s box.). Make checks payable to Summit Church and in the memo area state “for OCC or Samaritan’s Purse”.  Please No candy, food, toothpaste, liquid items, war-related items such as toy guns, knives, military figures; breakable items such as snow globes or glass container, aerosol cans, etc.  We will need individually wrapped toothbrushes, soap, small hand towels or washcloths, toys for all different ages of boys and girls, school supplies, small coloring books, socks, etc.  Age groups for both boys and girls are 2-4, 5-9 and 10-14.  FYI, boxes for ages 10-14, both genders, aren’t as popular so appreciate you helping in that area.  Check out this website for suggestions. your calendars for the OCC packing parties.  They will be Thu., Oct 18th and Nov 1st, both 1:00 to 4:00 pm.  NOTE:  All boxes need to be delivered to the church by Sun., Oct 28th.  Thank you so much for being a part of this great ministry.

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